The Benefits of Private Investment in Infrastructure

The Benefits of Private Investment in Infrastructure

Opportunities for Foreign Investment in Infrastructure

U.S. Ballot Initiatives

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Sphere Consulting has worked on over $100 billion worth of transactions to date on both the buy and sell sides in the real asset, transportation, and Public Private Partnership space.

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Leveraging Private Capital

  • Dedicated Capital (in USD Billions)
  • Leveraging private capital creates a larger pool of funding for state and local governments to address infrastructure needs while driving economic growth and creating jobs.

  • When leveraged at a 60:40 debt-to-equity ratio, approximately $214 Bn in private capital could generate as much as $535 bn for infrastructure investment in the United States.

  • When used alongside federal dollars, private investment in infrastructure will greatly increase the amount of jobs that can be created. At the same time, existing public sector collective bargaining agreements are honored and union representation respected.

  • A Political Economy Research Institute study finds that for every $1 billion ininfrastructure investment, 18,000 direct and indirect jobs are created.


U.S. Ballot Initiatives

The November 8 election results show voters in 18 states approved ballot measures that will provide $201 billion in funding extensions and new revenue for state and local transportation projects. Please see our interactive map to review what passed.